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About us

Who We Are

500horses is a Strategy Management & Identity Alliance Agency. We develop synergetic partnerships, modern digital & on-ground experiential campaigns, and culturally impactful story-telling initiatives between organizations and talent partners under our management. We work to capture the Story of Your Brand through the Eyes of your Consumers. Our organization builds and develops Cultural Capital for corporate organizations by allying their brand profile with popular culture influencers who energize brands through their artistic mediums of expression. We channel the Energy, Influence, Charismatic Appeal, and “Star Power” of Popular Culture Iconic Influencers under our management into the spirit of the brands we partner with.

Our Objectives

500horses provides globally adhered-to Standards of Talent Management & Brand Development. We develop strategic brand / organizational partnerships between talent partners and corporate entities. We also secure Intellectual copyright trademark & licensing and at the same time secure Economic Monetization of Assets to increase and develop catalogue value. We provide Exploration of cross market collaborations initiatives.

Our Client Portfolio

Develop Emerging & Established Talents with modern, innovative, and authentically raw ideas & tools that equip our partners to serve as positive disruptive forces of the status quo within their respective creative fields.

Empower organizations with Cultural Capital through our strategic insights & development and activation of innovative culturally relevant campaigns that speak to the core interests of a brand’s target consumer.

Performance Artist Booking. Distribution and Management of Online Ticket Sales Platforms. Event Marketing, Promotion, & Sponsorship Strategy Development.

What Sets Us Apart

We provide our talent clients with 360 Degree media and public relations exposure, eliminating the reliance on record label managers with a lack of marketing, management, and brand development expertise. 500horses will promote new market exploration and audience diversification schemes that further extends the reach and cements the influence of Talents under the management and guidance of 500horses.