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Capital Culture

What is Cultural Capital ?

Our media landscape is evolving fast with big changes in how we view media. Internet-based TV viewing come of age, reaching the masses through the growing number of smart TVs and mobile streaming. For brands that have until now relied heavily on TV advertising, this places an increased urgency to find ways to maintain visibility of their messages in culture–ways that can be measured, are efficient, and reach big audiences. Crucially, brands need to find ways to spend less and create ideas that generate high cultural capital and viral buzz that will net high rates of media impressions. This marketing approach is called Cultural Capital.

Change your brand perception with us

500Horses, through the development of Cultural Capital, converts and integrates how a brand seamlessly fits into that cultural dynamic. Our Team develops long term equitable relationships between the Brand and the Consumer, by aligning a brand’s image and associations with the interests, tastes, values, and lifestyle choices of the consumer’s ideal pursuits.

Stay present and visible with 500horses

Give your customers a reason to justify supporting your brand through Strategic Partnerships with 500Horses. Build Cultural Capital. Let your customers fall in love with your brand each time an opportunity arises to engage with your product/service offerings.